Thursday, March 24, 2016

This is for the Birds

All week I've  been in a slump. Everything  I paint looks like crap and it's  bumming me out. The horoscope  lady in the newspaper  said it was due to the lunar eclipse.  I'm  not  sure  if  I  believe  any of  the  horoscope  stuff, but it  makes  a great excuse.  Today  it hit me, every time  I step up to the easel I  shouldn't  expect a masterpiece. Baseball  players  don't  hit a  home run  every single  time  they  step  up  to  the  plate.  They  practice a lot and sometimes  they still strike out.
So today  I decided  to practice and not worry  about  hitting  anything  out  of  the  ballpark.
It's  a lot  less  stressful  when  you don't  have  high expectations. These  are just  small  sketches  and they  went quickly. I  sketched out American  white pelicans, brown  pelicans, egrets, blue heron, Canadian geese, Coots and...
Some old fashioned  American birds.


  1. Love those old fashioned American birds! The front view of the brown pelican is a great shape - is it my imagination or do birds avoid that orientation to us? Drawing is the artistic equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of water and eating your're hard on yourself but you balance it with persistence.

    1. I like the ladies too. The one on the right is my great-aunt. I did a little watercolour sketch of them too.