Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm Going to Paint That Someday

Red's Java House 11x14" oil on stretched canvas
The weather has been less than appealing to be outside painting so I'm taking the opportunity to go through reference photos.  I know I'm not the only one who takes photos and declares they're "going to paint that one someday" and then never get around to it. I made a folder on the computer with those photos and I'm working my way through them. As long as I don't add too many more to the pile I'll get through it in no time. Someday I'll finish that pile of photos I'm going to paint someday.
I took the reference photo for this in San Francisco, CA. Red's Java House is on pier 30, really close to the Bay Bridge. It's more of a diner/burger joint than a java house.  It certainly caught my eye with the the way the sun was hitting it and the nice shadows, plus who could ignore the line-up of newspaper machines? Obviously the photo went in the "I'm going to paint these someday" pile.  I jumped right into painting this with no real plan, just paint what was in the photo. I did edit a few things out, construction signs and some pilons that weren't adding anything to the scene. Getting the look of a chain-link fence was tricky and the sign was tough, but the real sign looks like it was done by a sign painter so I gave it a shot. I used my normal palette but snuck in the Gamblin Chromatic Black and turquoise. The Gamblin Chromatic black is just like my Sennelier netural tint in watercolour. It has a "purply" tint to it and it works really well to mix up greys.

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  1. Pretty darn nice...especially the corner of the building and the light to shadow transitions. REALLY would like the see the photo too - so we could see the what and why of your changes.