Monday, May 30, 2016


Another Monday, another movie. This time it's about Amedeo Modigliani. I'm personally not a huge fan of Modigliani, but I've found that as long as you keep an open mind you can still learn from things you don't like.  When I look at his portraits of women it reminds me of the mean boys in school. I went to school with a girl who had odd features but was the sweetest person you'd ever meet. She had a long face and a long nose and the boys would always ask her, "why the long face"? They thought they were so funny but they weren't . So when I see Modigliani's paintings it either reminds me of how cruel people can be or makes me wonder if he had some sort of fixation with horses. Either way they made a movie about him and Andy Garcia plays Modigliani.  You can never go wrong with Andy Garcia. This movie focuses more on his time in France and his rivalry with Picasso and his love affair with Jeanne Hebuterne.
This funny article I found about the "feud" between Picasso and Modigliani makes it seem like they too were mean school boys, fighting over things like clothes. Modigliani was the snazzy dresser and Picasso wore fishermen's sweaters and patched trousers. There are still to this day artists who could be described as dressing this way. I don't know that they feud over such things but there's always a possibility.
The movie is two hours long, which is just long enough to lounge around and recuperate after a long weekend. The whole movie can be seen via Youtube with the Spanish subtitles again.

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  1. Looked him up to see if he looked anything like his sitters. He's a dead ringer for Joseph Zbukvic, who also likes to dress with a bit of flair.