Thursday, June 9, 2016

Artist Problems - Art Supply Hoarding

I love ordering from Jerry's Artarama.  If ordering were my only option I'd not have the art supply hoarding problem. Unfortunately I live too close to the Dick Blick warehouse, which means there's an outlet store which then means I end up hoarding art supplies. HOWEVER, it's not so much hoarding as storing for later use. I do know some people who truly hoard. They buy a fancy set of oil paints and set it aside.  They don't want to mess up or waste that fancy set. So what do they do? They go out and buy a cheaper non-fancy set and use that while the good stuff sits and patiently waits to be used. Seriously, there are people who do that. I know people who do that with other things. For example, the body wash and lotion hoarders. They go to that cute store in the mall, find great deals and hoard them away. They don't want to use them because what if that special magic scent never comes back again? Well here's the good news and bad news about that. Bad news is, that scented bath soap will lose it's scent after awhile so you might as well use it now. Good news is, if you also bought fancy oil paints with that jar of mango madness exfoliating scrub the oil paints will still be very usable. Well, the soap is usable too, it just won't smell very good. 
This video is kind of funny and gives some useful advice on how to not be an art supply hoarder. The one great way to not be a hoarder is to use your stuff. Yea, DUH! Except so many people don't. Here's one suggestion he didn't mention, have a swap meet. Go through your mountain of unused supplies and gather up what you don't use then get together with other artists and either exchange or sell your items.  Another man's trash is another man's treasure could never be more true in this situation. I've made the mistake of buying a bunch of stuff just on recommendation alone and when I went to use it I hated it. Fortunately for me I know people who like it and I can either trade or sell it.   Sometimes you have to chalk it up as a loss and give it away. At first that sounds like a waste of money but karma will take care of that eventually. Plus by giving stuff away it will free up room for you to get stuff you actually use, or just free up space which is a wonderful thing. 

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