Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Impressionists Part 2

If you haven't yet seen The Impressionists part 1  make sure to do that. This second part is about an hour long and focuses a lot on Cezanne. We sadly lose Manet but Monet finds his garden. It also shows how Monet painted his famous haystacks. Painting several at a time and moving from each one while the light changes. It's an ideal way to work if you don't mind schlepping all of your gear plus extra canvas and easels.  You'll notice that he has his lady friend to help him haul the stuff. I have yet to find someone who's willing to basically be a mule and sit around and watch while I paint. I can't even get my dogs to sit still long enough to sketch. 
 If you enjoyed the first part you'll surely like part 2.


  1. Watched all three parts and really liked it. Curious why Pissarro wasn't even mentioned, though.

    1. Agree and I was also curious about the omission of Pissarro. The only thing I can think is that there must not be as much information out there. They said this was all based on letters and interviews, so it's as realistic as they could possibly be.