Monday, June 6, 2016

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is another movie highlighting Van Gogh and Gauguin's friendship.  This is the full movie, it was originally made for TV and is just a little over an hour. John Simm plays Van Gogh, if you've ever watched Dr. Who or Life on Mars you may recognise him. So far he's probably the best portrayal of Van Gogh, at least in the looks department, he really looks like how Van Gogh painted himself. His Van Gogh is very close to how historians describe him. If that's how he really was, we'll never know.  I get this odd feeling that Van Gogh was just like the little kid in school that ate glue. Eat glue once and everyone remembers you as the crazy kid that ate glue. Doesn't mean he still eats glue or that the eating of the glue wasn't just an evil rumour made up by the mean kid in the class. If you're getting the idea that I ate glue in school that's false but the kid that sat next to me did and I made sure to let everyone know he did it. Anywho,  John Lynch plays Gauguin and again, the likeness is there. The makeup department should have gotten a bonus on this job. He's also been in several movies and TV shows. This movie almost gives you the feeling that it wasn't actually Vincent who was "crazy", it was everyone else around him. Vincent was timid and insecure and let others lead him around and Gauguin was probably the worst influence. The part where Gauguin finally sells a painting and says he's going to go out and buy a pair of boots and returns with pastry instead says a lot.  Watching this gave me the feeling that these two were in an abusive relationship. Van Gogh was being verbally beat down by Gauguin but he didn't want to end the relationship because that would mean being alone. It's much like Bart and Milhouse on the Simpsons.


  1. Looks good...puts me in mind of a flick about Gaugin in Tahiti with Kiefer Sutherland as Gaugin. No attempt at likeness there but it wasn't awful either.

    1. I'll have to check that one out, but it might have to wait. After watching this one it put me off of Gauguin for awhile.