Monday, July 11, 2016

Goya's Ghosts

Goya's Ghost is the movie for this Monday. It seems appropriate as the anniversary of the end of the Spanish Inquisition is coming up. What a silly thing to know but it did disband on the 15th of July 1834. This is one of those movies where you get a little bit of everything, good actors, tragedy, romance, war, ignorance. So similar to what you see on CNN today. Anywho, it's a fairly good movie and it's available to rent on Netflix or watch it for $2.99 via Youtube. You could also check your local video store, if your town still has one or your library. 


  1. This one is pretty good. Saw it a year or so ago. Javier Bardem sort of looks like Mike, huh?

  2. Ha! He does. Now I can't unsee it.