Monday, July 18, 2016

Thomas Hart Benton - The Making of a Mural

I didn't forget about the Monday movie, I was just busy looking for one. I came across this 10 minute movie about Thomas Hart Benton making a mural and wanted to look for a full length movie about him. I found one but can't seem to figure out where you can watch it.
Here's a link to the Ken Burns' documentary with two parts of the movie but not the whole movie.
The 10 minute video, that you can watch here or on Youtube, caught my attention because I enjoyed watching the work he put into the mural. There are some artists who like to play magician and let you think they pulled their ideas out of a hat and waved a wand or pulled some slight of hand and the finished painting just appears. On the other hand there are patrons who seem to think artists just pull paintings out of hats. Those are usually the patrons who never understand why you charge what you do for your work.  In just 10 short minutes this shows how much preparation can go into creating a painting and that it's not all fun and games all the time. 

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  1. Pretty intensive method but guess his style kind of demanded that treatment. Rockwell and Parrish had been using photos and projectors for quite a while by that time but they weren't stylizing their subjects and figures. I like those rythem patterns he started with - that has potential whether you stylize or not.