Wednesday, July 20, 2016

World Watercolour Month

Who knew there was a whole month dedicated to watercolour? Here's a link to more information. It's not too late to participate. If you're on social media you can hashtag your work with #worldwatercolourmonth to share with others and check out what other people are sharing. This top sketch is of my crabby patty from lunch done in my Pentalic sketchbook
This is from the Anamoly Gallery. This is the second time in my life that someone insisted I go into a bathroom to look at it. The first time it was because the business owner did some really fancy tile work. This time it was the useful recycling of an old stainless steel tub to use for a sink.  This was done in a sketchbook that I made with Fabriano Tiziano paper.  It was in the drawer labeled watercolour at the store so I assumed it was watercolour paper. Turns out it's supposed to be pastel paper. I can't even imagine using it for pastel so it's a good thing I used it for watercolour instead. 
Enjoy the rest of World Watercolour Month! 


  1. Both of these are really good. The bathroom especially, considering the composition is so naturally bilaterally symmetrical. The items on the counter break it up just enough. The ever so slight fisheye effect on lunch-scape is cool. Not to mention it's becoming a new genre! I'm guessing both are pretty small from the size of your sketchbook, but they read pretty well.

  2. Thank you. The lunch is a 5x8 and the bathroom 5x7. I was drawn to the arrangement of stuff. It's a bit cluttered for me but the greens and bless from the soap and cleaning products among the overall monochrome scene was worth painting.