Monday, August 29, 2016

The Great Artists - The English Masters - Turner

The movie for this Monday is a documentary on Joseph Mallord William Turner. This documentary is a little different from others I've seen. They discuss the paintings more than they do his life. So many documentaries like to dig up personal stuff that doesn't really add much. It's just like a splashy headline for a boring story. This sticks to the paintings and they do this really cool thing where they show close ups on the work. They even discuss the one rare occasion where Turner allowed someone to watch him work. It's only about an hour long and if you're one of those artists who keeps telling yourself that they're going to sketch more and do more value studies you need to watch this.  Hearing how many sketches Turner did on his trips will put you to shame and hopefully inspire you to work more. 

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  1. One of my profs got to view a lot of those drawings and many are barely doodles. Not that they didn't signify something he could visualize or would use but the guy never tossed a piece of paper or worked on top of it.