Friday, August 5, 2016

Turquoise Truck in Taos

5x7 watercolour sketch. You think your drawing skills are great until you have to draw tires on a vehicle. 
In the last post I explained how I wasn't overly impressed with Taos.  Did I expect too much? Perhaps. Did I go on a bad day? Maybe.  Either way it wasn't as inspirational as I was led to believe. You can catch up on that last post here if you missed it. If you're up to speed you'll know that I promised to talk about the artists's work that I did enjoy.  I already discussed J Mehaffey. So here is the list of the rest of them.
Heather Ross Fine Art Photography.  Her current work on display is under the category "Altered Books".  It's a bit trendy, I've seen several artists doing similar work but I like her work for a couple of reasons; her choices of old and new and she seems to have a bit of a sense of humor.
Charles Collins. You really have to see his sculptures up close to appreciate them. I tried to take a couple of pictures to show what I mean.  From far away it looks like a person's face, up close you can see it's three people.  Pretty clever and I thought they were fun.

Michael Vargas. So maybe I didn't REALLY like his work but I love the story. Finally quit his job to pursue his dream, what's not to like? I went to Taos to be inspired and what's more inspirational than this man's story? 
Ed Sandoval. Included this one because I believe that's his truck I sketched. That's his gallery behind it and the red umbrella is sort of his studio. He wheels his easel out there and paints under the umbrella. Seemed to be quite the character. 
If you want to read more about my trip check out the blow by blow over here

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  1. Liked the comment regarding tires. They ARE bloody difficult. Millions of neurons trying to make you draw a circle when you're seeing just about every other shape imaginable..