Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mary's Wise Words

Pencil Sketch of a blue heron with the guidelines left in. 
I mentioned that I've been reading lots and lots of books about drawing and painting, I've also been reading lots and lots of blogs as well. Most of the books are old and the language is as well, but the lessons are still worth learning. As for the blogs, they're certainly more modern and most of them are written by artists who are still working and teaching today so they have a pretty good insight as to what's going on here and now. The thing I've noticed is that the language may be a little different but the lessons are still the same. Funny how that works.
The other day I read Mary Byrom's blog and I thought it was worth sharing here.
"This past week I discovered that what I did everyday had a name…the process I go through day after day and week after week is called mastery.  Wow, was that a surprise. I knew what I set out to do wasn’t easy but I didn’t know that I had so many kindred spirits out there on the same path doing the same process. Its great to encounter this.  The four things I do in my painting process are 1. Practice  2. Persistence  3.Patience  4. Perseverance.  5. Repeat #  s 1- 4 over and over."
You can read her whole post here and I recommend you do, it's well written and gives links to other artists.  What she says about going to art school is relatable to almost everyone who's done it.


  1. It's kind of a golden age for painting and the historically unique thing about now is that there's a major movement away from the established teaching and exhibiting structure.

    1. Yea, it was almost inevitable for a change to happen. I've heard so many similar stories about experiences with school it's a wonder there are any painters out there right now.