Monday, December 12, 2016


Your movie for this Monday. I'm not going to leave too much of my own commentary, I'm going to wait and see what you all think. The one thing I will say is that it made me think about a lot of things. Keep an open mind and enjoy. 


  1. Never really my favorite work, though some of the assemblage was interesting...More engaging than the painting to me. Really my favorite was the grotto thing in the beginning - kind of a one man Sagrada Familia. But the work seemed to be an honest reflection of the personalities involved and the times they were in and can you ask any more of art than that? I know it's supposed to speak to subsequent generations and all, but if your personality is too much "of your time" does that limit your appeal later on? Or can you try so hard to be of your time (or NOT of it) that you end up ignoring who you are? I wonder how much the "scene" shapes the artists versus the artists shaping the scene? What if you don't WANT to think about art? Can you still be an artist?

    1. You came up with similar questions to mine. This movie focused on the artists who started this sort of movement and I sort of feel like anyone after them is sort of a Johnny Bravo. If the suit fits...