Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Gift Giving Ideas

With only a couple of weeks to get your shopping done you might feel desperate and get your artist friend/family member a really crappy gift. Again, we all know it's the thought that counts, but make sure you actually put some thought into it. 
This mug is both clever and useful, something most artists would want. Every painter I know has, at one time or another, dipped their paintbrush into their coffee or tea. This mug has no guarantees of actually preventing that from happening but it's still fun and useful. You can find them on etsy and Amazon and again, if you're creative you can make one. 
All Prima II Everything I Know About Painting and More
You have to be careful when you buy books for people. They can take it the wrong way. One year my oven broke and someone gave me a cookbook with recipes for cookies. I thought they were trying to be funny but they were just a big a-hole because even after I gave my, ha ha very funny speech, they turned around and got offended because I didn't appreciate their gift that I actually couldn't use. I don't talk to that person anymore. If anyone should get offended after being gifted this book then you shouldn't talk to them anymore either. OK, maybe not but it's a wonderful book that any painter would be lucky to have in their library. It's quite a bit more than the coffee mug but admit it, your painter friends are worth it. 

Some people think socks are a horrible gift and those people would be very wrong. If you give someone socks and they get upset just have them send them to me.  These are fun socks and very affordable. There are a few choices and they all depict a famous painting. These are available on Amazon.  Check around you can find other brands with other paintings too. 


  1. Might be worth mentioning the cheapest and possibly most equitable place to order Alla Prima is right from Schmid's website
    I remember Tom Christopher saying he thought it was the best painting book ever written and it doesn't seem to be his isolated opinion. The socks have it for cool factor though.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that. I was going to mention that and forgot. I linked to Amazon because Richard Schmid's site wouldn't let me use the picture. It's a very well written book with a wealth of knowledge.
      The socks are so cool and I'll never understand a person who dislikes cool socks for a gift. Maybe boring old gym socks are a lame gift, but not Edvard Munch socks.