Friday, December 30, 2016

On the Level

Autumn Evening on the Square 8x10 oil on panel
I'm currently painting my face off in order to have some new paintings for an upcoming solo show. It's coming up very quickly too so I have little time to waste, but sometimes it's important to slow down and breathe. In this case, it was important for me to take a break and look at it again.
Years ago I realised that my easel was not level and that I need to adjust for it. Most of the time I remember to take that into account but lately I've been lax. When I was about 95% done with this painting I took it off the easel and set it aside. When I did I noticed that the bottom of the buildings were slightly slanted upward. I did something similar at a plein air competition this year. I set up on a sidewalk across from my subject and just started painting. After an hour and a half in I moved around and noticed that the sidewalk wasn't level, I was standing at a slant, therefore my windows, doors and steps were all at an angle. I s'pose they could be given as prank gifts to my fellow sufferers of OCD. No matter how straight you get the frame, that painting would still be slanted!
Luckily I fixed the slight angle and remembered to get out my level before I got too far along on the painting I started after this one. Painting isn't as easy as it looks. Then again a lot of us wouldn't do it if it were.


  1. I like the cross play between the quadrants in this. The fade into darkness at top seems to keep them all from separating into four pictures. Nice...

    1. Thanks. Working from a photograph on this one was a challenge. I really had to turn on my thinking cap to figure out what to do with some parts so it would make sense. The fade was one of them. In the photo it's just pitch black and cuts off at the windows.