Sunday, January 15, 2017

Does Not Play Well With Others

When life hands you lemons just make lemonade and don't bother trying to paint them.  Good lord is there anything harder to paint than a lemon peel? The reflective surface of the lemon peel picks up a myriad of colours, ones you didn't even know were nearby.  After trying several different setups I went with something I thought would be completely safe, white on white on white background. Sadly, that lemon peel still picked up colours from I don't know where. Outer space probably. It's not exactly a problem for it to reflect nearby colours, it's a problem when you try to put it in the painting and it smooshes around with the yellow.  That yellow does not play well with others.


  1. Well the wee bits of color all spread through the cup and background are marvelous. Hard to gauge from your camera to my screen but the flesh of the lemon seems to be channeling a lot of orange. Was it a Meyers lemon? They do seem to bias yellow orange whereas the usual Sunkist type biases more yellow green (at least to my eye). Gotta love the thing perched on the cup though...Mrs. Lemonhead in a white porcelain mumu with her hand on her hip.

    1. Thanks 😁. I agree with the Meyer vs reg type lemon with it's greenish unripe look. This is a Meyer, they make good meringue. I think they do anyway. I think this will look a little different in whatever lighting it's in. As soon as I turned the led lights off the cup kinda started glowing.