Monday, January 9, 2017

The Power of Art Bernini complete episode

Gian (everybody's named John!) Lorenzo Bernini has been making the rounds on the internet as of late. Several people are sharing a photo of his statue The Rape of Proserpina and stating that he created it when he was only 16.  It's either someone's way of praising his greatness or trying to make you feel like a complete failure at whatever it is you're doing. To those who are attempting the latter, you can go straight to Hades. What they don't tell you is that Bernini began working around the age of 8 and had the Pope's blessing. If you met the Pope at age 8 and he declared that you would one day be a great sculptor then you'd probably do all you could to be a great sculptor. Wouldn't it be great if we all had someone to encourage us like that? On the other hand, he had a lot to prove. 
This is only an hour long but gives all of the sordid details of his life. Attempting to murder his own brother and ordering someone to slash up the face of your ex best girl... Makes me wonder if there was a 16th century version of Jerry Springer.

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  1. Surprised they haven't done a movie on this guy and his life. Would love to cast it! Sort of envy the education of those times. Free compulsory education homogenizes people to an extent. Back then if you had a bent for something you were apprenticed to a professional and the learning curve got some acceleration. If you were a dolt you went to work at some job you would have gotten anyway. I know people that literally use no part of their public education in their work other than reading the traffic signs on the commute.
    In school, Bernini was presented as a over the top, too many notes in the melody, like Mozart. I like the realism of his gesture. I do find Mozart too busy but not Bernini. Wish they had plaster casts of his stuff to draw from, like they do Michalangelo.