Monday, February 13, 2017

Norman Rockwell: Paintings, Biography, Artwork, Book, History, Interesti...

The movie for this Monday isn't really a movie but a really bad interview.  It's an interview with the woman who wrote a book about Norman Rockwell.  When I stumbled upon this video it reminded me of the post James Gurney put on his blog here Rockwell Biography Criticized by Family
I remember reading it and saying, yea, who to believe? Well, at this day and age it's almost impossible to know who to believe. On one hand you could just say the author was writing the "juicy" stuff in order to sell a book. On the other hand you can say, of course his family is going to stick up for him, they don't want him seen in a bad light. When you put both hands together you probably still won't get the whole truth.
Over the years I've come to understand that even if you are at a place to witness something happen no two people will see the same thing so who's correct? Life is like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting, it doesn't make sense and no two people will see the same thing when looking at it.
To insert a conclusion may I ask, who really cares anyways? I mean, Rockwell's work speaks for itself. We know him for his illustrations and that should be that. His personal life should stay personal and we should just enjoy what he made for the public. 

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  1. I found it fascinating - particularly that illustration she thought preceded the Wizard of Oz casting. I always felt the sets and characters looked vaguely like someone's paintings but never could put my finger on who. I've been to the museum and it will change or challenge your mind for anyone who thinks he was "just an illustrator". At an average of 48x48 the covers are far more painterly than you realize once they're shrunk down to magazine size.