Monday, February 27, 2017

The Rothko Conspiracy - Suicide & Scams In The Art World (1983)

Your Monday movie for this week. Don't worry if you don't like Rothko because this movie is about much more than him. When I found the movie I thought to myself, "conspiracy", they had to spice up his personal life to make his work more exciting? Don't get me wrong, as far as an abstract painter goes, I enjoy his more than most, but still...  To be honest I really knew nothing of his life and it made me start thinking. Is it important to know personal information in order to enjoy a person's work? I mean, I don't know squat about my doctor's personal life and it has no effect on how he does his job. Think back to elementary school, we knew nothing about our teachers. Heck, seeing one outside of school was the equivalent of seeing a unicorn.  Not knowing anything about them outside of school didn't have any bearing on how they did their job.  However when it comes to artists it seems to have some sort of an impact. Van Gogh and Picasso are two painters who seem to stand out when you think of personal life intermingling with their professional life. Everyone, now, feels sorry for Van Gogh because he was so troubled. Picasso's many affairs and over the top ego made him more of a celebrity than an artist at one point. Would Picasso have been less of a great artist if he didn't have all of the drama surrounding his private life that ended up in public?  Would we still find Van Gogh's work great if his story weren't so tragic? How do you feel about Rothko's work after learning a little about him and the art world after watching this film?

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