Monday, March 27, 2017

Maggi Hambling on 'Brilliant Ideas'

The Monday movie this week is a short show about the artist Maggi Hambling. I held off on watching this one for awhile because I was afraid I wouldn't have anything nice to say about her work. After watching this I'm kind of in love with her. Her work may not be your cuppa but she has some really great things to say. One of my favourites was her comment on why she draws every day, "getting rid of your inner rubbish so that something else can take over."  I have friends who are writers and they've told me they do something similar every day. They just sit and write/type whatever comes to mind to get it out of their head so that they can start on what they want to work on. Some days I will sit and stare at a blank piece of paper and debate what to put on it. It's not that I'm afraid of messing up, it's that I have so many ideas swirling around and I try to nail one down.  Rather than trying to work out that one great idea in my head I should just go ahead and scribble them all out and get rid of the rubbish so the right idea can take over. 


  1. I really liked the type of lines she used in her drawings. Almost think she's more of a sculptor (loved the shells) because her lines go all around her figures. They had more touch value than sight value. Even the ones that looked chaotic became more coherent if you thought of them as an object. Wouldn't you love to have someone like her just down the street?

    1. I've been trying to put my finger on who she reminds me of and it finally came to me, Aughra, from the Dark Crystal. It's the hair and the attitude I'm sure.