Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Beg Your Pardon

I went painting in the rose garden. Yea, I hope that song is stuck in your head now too. Today I ventured out with one goal in mind, and it was to paint a landscape. I had just done a flower in my yard and I wanted to get out some place where I could do a real landscape, not just an up close and personal one. So upon arriving to my destination the first thing I decide to paint was a flower. What is wrong with me? In all fairness it was a particular shade of pink that I'm not overly confident painting so I decided to challenge myself. I'm not crazy about the end results but it's closer than I thought I would get. I think I must have some sort of a brain block when it comes to certain colours. The rule goes, warm light equals cool shadows. You may not like rules but that one's a good one to follow. So the problem I think I'm having is, if you're painting a warm colour how do you make the shadows cool? It's like having brain freeze without any of the benefits of eating ice cream. 
I eventually moved away from the rose garden and painted something more along the lines of what I originally intended.


  1. On my screen it looks like the light is cool and the shadows warm. Or to avoid semantics, the light areas of the rose bias violet and the shadow areas bias red. Looks pleasing and natural. Assuming you painted the landscape after - which doesn't look too late afternoon - the lighting as is on rose seems right...but then I never saw it. You got the peonies right, maybe the rose (and your eye) is better than you think. That warm/cool thing is a can of worms.

    1. Yea that's how I ended up approaching it. Rules schmools. The rose was done by 10 and I started the landscape around 11. So it's nice to know I at least got the light right. As for the ear worm, the little twangy guitar is starting to work my nerves.

  2. Ps thanks for the ear I have to go to you tube and was it out with some AC/DC or Rory Gallagher...