Monday, June 26, 2017

British Masters - In Search of England (Episode 2)

For this Monday the movie is episode two of "British Masters: In Search of".  Episode one was posted back in November of last year.  This episode was amazing, inspiring, depressing, and all other sorts of adjectives. What is so great about this series is that it focuses on great British artists that you probably never heard of. It's a great piece of art history, not the type of art history you get in school either. It explains what was going on at the time and why it shaped the way these artists worked.
It's funny to hear that Alfred Munnings was ostracized because of his speech. They didn't play the whole thing but what he said was fairly mild compared to what we hear today. It's too bad his mouth put a shadow over his work, his paintings are breathtaking. 

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  1. It's a shame art history sort of hops from France to America and short changes the U.K.
    Movies have mostly taken the place of painting and literature in shaping our self identity. Considering what's being made, we're gonna be a pretty sick bunch if that influence is as major as some think.
    It is too bad about Munnings...his more impressionist style pictures were pretty stunning. I'm picturing the Spinal Tap scene where Fran Drescher tells Christopher Guest "you...don't talk". Maybe artists should just do their thing.
    Noticed at right you're a Little Ed fan! Us too. That was our cat Fleek's original name.