Tuesday, July 18, 2017

1/4 Great Artists in Their Own Words - But Is it Art ? (1966-1993)

The show for this week, "Great Artists in Their Own Words".  The BBC is a treasure trove of shows about art and artists. PBS has some but they don't seem to be presented as well. This show clearly gives the appearance that they're not sold on the artists and their art but at the same time it gives them the platform to explain themselves. I certainly felt the same as the woman who said Carl Andre was having a laugh with his pile of bricks but when he was given the opportunity to speak about his work I actually believed him. He really believes in his work and sometimes that's just as important as having technical skills. It's broken up into 15 minute sections and you can easily find the other three segments.
This first 15 minute segment touches on the happenings. I remember one of my art history professors talking about them a lot. She was really good at her job and I could never figure out if she liked them or thought they were incredibly ridiculous. I remember not fully understanding what they were supposed to be about, nor how they were funded. Were they done by people without jobs, or were they on their lunch break? How do you live a life of leisure where you can just throw yourself on top of a car, call it art and pay your electric bill? Today we have things called "flash mobs" that at least make some sort of sense and can be enjoyed by most. 
This type of "happening" looks like fun and would almost motivate me to go shopping. 


  1. I'm still ambivalent about work that doesn't engage me until the artist explains his ideas. Probably because I'm attached to the notion we should make interesting things as well as being interesting dinner company. Then again some of these people do make head turning constructions though I see a lot of random non art stuff that does too. I'm glad you challenge us with these. Gets me out of my normal think zone.

    1. I'm starting to get stuck on the fence about the work that needs to be explained. I feel if it's an honest explanation it's valid and I just need it explained because I truly don't understand it. Other times when artists have to explain their work I want a shovel and boots. Maybe it's a lot like food. If it's horrible I don't want to eat it or know what's in it. If it's edible but forgettable then who cares. Now if it's delicious and I can't figure out what's in it on my own I'm going to seek the recipe.