Sunday, July 30, 2017

Halt, Put the Paintbrush Down

Salon 406 9x12" oil on panel
After another weekend of plein air painting I have come home with another fun story of my adventures. My friend Deb and I decided to do a nocturne Friday night. We parked a block away from a barbecue contest and a cover band from Omaha.  Deb set up on the sidewalk and painted a scene up the street and I set up in front of my car and painted a hair salon that was across the street.  Deb was done before I was so she started walking around looking at some of the other buildings while I kept working. When I was alone, facing across the street, a cop came up behind me and scared me. He thought I was trying to break into a car, which happened to be my own.  When he saw what I was doing he laughed and admitted that I scared him. I guess I know what I'll go as for Halloween this year.


  1. Occurs to me that if one was wanting to do a lot of nocturne painting (like for a series of pix) it might be good idea to give the local PD a heads up. Keep the Toody and Muldoon incidents to a minimum. You're accumulating enough of these fun stories to maybe submit an article to Plein Air Magazine.

    1. HA! The local PD can pound sand. I understand there's a certain amount of curiosity but I'm not doing anything illegal. Go harass the people who are actually breaking the law. This guy was actually pretty cool about it but he did say something I didn't like. I told him that he scared me and he replied with, good that's my job. I wanted to say, isn't your job to make people feel safe? "To protect and serve" must just be a cute slogan and not an actual approach to doing their job.