Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day

My day almost always begins with some sort of warm up sketches, affectionately referred to as daily doodles. Today I decided to go patriotic. I was going to do the usual Superman sketch but remembered the other all American super hero, The Greatest American Hero. I remember watching the show as a kid and got a kick out of how horrible he was at flying, but never gave up trying.
This was done with a limited watercolour palette and kuretake ink. It was fun for a quick little doodle.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.


  1. Wow! Wish my warm ups came out that good! Never saw this show. Was it tongue in cheek?

    1. It was a comedy. He was given the suit, which is what gave him super powers, by aliens. He ended up losing the directions on how to use the suit so he just tried to figure it out as he went. He crashed into everything and much like Chevy Chase it's just too damn funny to see people fall down. It was a fun show when I was a kid.