Monday, July 3, 2017

Jasper Johns

Your movie for this Monday, Jasper Johns. I chose this simply because whenever I hear the name I immediately think, American flag.  I always found it interesting that he made paintings of the flag.  When I was a kid it was taught that the flag was pretty much sacred. You weren't supposed to have things like we do now, beach towels and flip flops with the flag on them and the flag was never to touch the ground. You were never supposed to fly a flag that was worn out and torn and our flags weren't made in China.  Here we are 241 years later and anything goes. Happy Independence Day USA. 


  1. I sort of get a kick listening to these people talk (in all these contemporary art videos). There seem to be themes, like being hyper fussy about the presentation of something that you're supposedly at pains to be detached from when you create it. Or, the critics favorite word seems to be "disturbed".

    1. Right! It's like a foreign language almost. I have a friend who majored in art history I should ask him if they have a required class for the language of art historians. I think some movie critics have their own jargon also.