Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunsets and Movies

This is a quick watercolour sketch I did on the back of a failed painting. I randomly grabbed a piece of paper and taped it down. After I finished it I turned it over to see what was on the back side and got a laugh because it was another tree and some water. I need to do a better job of putting dates and places on them so I can compare and see if I made any progress. Trust me, this one is heaps better than the other side. This scene is down at the Heron Bend Conservation area. The water in the foreground is actually the Mississippi River encroaching the land between it and the small pond.  My main goal was to convey the feel of the sun setting using a limited palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine and indian yellow.
Yesterday in watercolour class we were discussing movies about artists and I was asked if I ever compiled a list of them to share. Nope, I've never taken the time to make out a list of the ones I've seen but IMDb has a pretty decent list to start with. Here is their list of "101+ Movies About Art and Artists".  There are plenty more out there but this is a great start. Some on the list I'd even watch again.

Surviving Picasso-  I had to watch this in school, the art history professor made us watch it and I'm glad she did otherwise I'd never have watched it. I'm not a huge fan of Picasso so that's why there's no interest. It's a movie mostly about his life, not his work. Told from the voice of Francoise Gilot and what it was like for her to live with Picasso.

Midnight in Paris- It's not really about one artist in particular but it's a fun movie. It's about a writer who is going through some sort of mid-life crisis type deal. He's in a relationship with a pain in the ass and he's having second thoughts about what he's doing with his life. He's hung up on the idea that life would be better if he could live in a different era. Mainly back when Picasso was huge, when F. Scott Fitzgerald was ignoring his crazy wife Zelda and when Dali thought everyone looked like a rhinoceros.
Art School Confidential- This is hilarious. It's basically mocking the art school experience and John Malkovich plays the part of a "typical" college art professor to perfection. Every cliche you've ever heard about going to art school is in this film. There's a second part to this story though, there's a serial killer on the loose and although it feels like it has nothing to do with going to art school it's funny how it all ties in at the end.
I'd be glad to give weekly recommendations for movies if anyone is at all interested.


  1. The trees in your watercolor look like they're grabbing at each other...very animated. As to movies: Recommend away! I need to break out of my usual patterns.

  2. You definitely captured the atmosphere. I can tell what time of day that is.