Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Green Garden

Green Garden 10x7 watercolour sketch on Fabriano soft press
It's not even officially summer yet but it might as well be. We began the day with 80 degrees F and 87% humidity in a stunning garden. Acclimating to this weather early is probably going to be beneficial in the upcoming weeks. I drug out the watercolours for this outing mostly because they're easier to carry around and there was a lot of ground to cover. Plus I'm always guaranteed to have water.  I've gone out with pastels and oils and forgot to bring drinking water.  On hot days like today it's important to stay hydrated whether you're out painting in it or not.
It's also not a bad idea to find a shady spot to set up like BJ Grimmer did. I set up right in the sun because I'm a bit foolish.
You could also set up an umbrella like John Preston did.  This proves I'm even more foolish because I had an umbrella in my car I just didn't set it up. There's no way to control the weather but you can do things to make it a little more bearable. If you're not foolish.
Carlene Atwater set up this group outing and it was pretty successful. Carlene, John, BJ, John Evans and I all met up and chose different spots in the garden and got a good couple of hours of painting in before the temperature started to rise. Over lunch John Preston and I were discussing the Impressionists show and how awful it would be if we had to dress like that and haul all of that gear outside with us. There are so many things we take for granted now. There wasn't even tube paint until the 1840s! Can you imagine grinding and mixing your own paint then packing all of that up and heading out somewhere to paint?


  1. The Green Garden is your best yet at getting the light of the situation and the atmospheric perspective of the back trees. It LOOKS likes 87% humidity!

  2. I agree with John, that is the best plein air landscape, you must have a good teacher.