Monday, June 27, 2016

Rembrandt 1936

This movie is about an hour and a half, in black and white and the Hollywood version of the drama that was Rembrandt van Rijn's life. It doesn't focus too much on his actual painting but it does give a bit of an insight as to what it must have been like for a painter back then. Back then being the 1600's.  It's hard to believe that Rembrandt was a bit of a radical painter but this movies portrays it as so. He didn't paint like everyone else and the prince and other people who were buying paintings only wanted traditional work.
There's a common theme among a lot of the artists in all of these movies. A lot of them came from wealthy families only to live as a "starving artist". Lautrec, Cezanne, Rembrandt, even van Gogh's parents were upper middle class.
The actress playing Geertje was incredible, what an absolutely horrible woman. The woman who played what would have been his second wife if his fist wife hadn't have made a stipulation in her inheritance, was Elsa Lanchester, better known as the bride of Frankenstein. (Didn't she turn out to be the bride of Frankenstein's monster though?) A great cast and decent movie. Only drawback was I had to lower and raise the volume throughout the movie.


  1. Wow, they really made Laughton look like his etched self portraits! The key characters were quite good I thought. The lesser characters and the sets put me in mind of the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City for some reason...not to say that's bad, it's my second favorite movie...maybe it was just standard 30's production style. Again it was enjoyable because I didn't know any background on his life.

    1. I agree, I thought they did a good job making him look the part. The set reminded me of a few other movies, a Hans Christian Andersen movie w/Danny Kaye as HCA for one, so I looked up the set designer and they weren't done by the same person so yea, it must've been the style at the time. I also knew very little of Rembrandt's life.