Monday, June 13, 2016

The Impressionists Part 1

The Impressionists is a three part BBC docudrama about the Impressionist movement. This first part introduces Claude Monet, who narrates the film. The young Monet is played by Richard Armitage, you may know him as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit and  King Oleron in Alice Through the Looking Glass which may still be in your local theatre.   Along with Monet there is Bazille, Renoir and Degas. It briefly introduces Cezanne in part 1 and even though they make mean girl comments about him I have to agree.  It also focuses greatly on Manet and how he was an influence on these men. Manet is one of my favourite painters so to hear how they praise him made me happy. (I don't know anyone who ever got excited about liking a bad painter.) This first part is only an hour long so you'll still have time to paint after watching. This feels like it's being told from that artist's perspective and not some lame interpretation of what some art historian believes happened. Some information I found on it says that it is based on letters, interviews and any other recorded material that could be found on the lives of the artists.  Perhaps that's why this feels like more of an honest look into their lives.
I will posts part two and three on Wednesday and Friday but if you're antsy, or just looking for something to do in the air conditioning, you can probably find them via this same Youtube channel. Each one is about an hour long, so three hours total. Hopefully after watching the first part you'll be too inspired to go paint to watch the rest. If you do go outside to paint remember to stay well hydrated and be thankful you didn't go out in full garb like these men and women did. 

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  1. Just finished it...ooh, it's good! They actually looked like they were painting and it looks like they found actual locations or places quite like.