Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nuggets of Wisdom

Zorn palette in watercolour 
For the last year and a half I've been working on a book. Nothing that I intend to publish but something that I set out to do for myself. It's just a book of information that I've gathered over the years and colour charts. Lots and lots of colour charts!
Recently I hit a fork in the road while compiling my information. So far it's a lot of notes on random pieces of paper that need to be put together in a way that makes sense. Where to start? If you were writing a book about the most important things to know about painting where would you begin? Do you start with colour theory, drawing basics, composition? It's all important, but where to start?
In my quest to put my book together in a way that makes sense I took up reading other books. While reading these books I've come across a lot of great little phrases and nuggets of wisdom that I think are useful and thought I'd not be selfish and share. It only seems fitting to start off with this one from Andrew Loomis.
"If there is any way that one man in the craft can really help another, it's by increasing his knowledge of the craft itself, not in the particular qualities of the man's own work.  The knowledge of our craft must be pooled, as it is in the sciences and other professions, each of us absorbing and in turn contributing."


  1. I think about this stuff too. I'm leaning towards drawing first, then composition. Color should start with painting after mastering value in drawing. Practical stuff like mixing emphasized first and color theory learned through working on compositions that HAVE good coloration. Augment that by looking at a lot of Sorolla and such. Last of all edges and surfaces. Then figure out who you are and what moves you. That's how I wish it had gone down for me.

  2. Thanks for that. I agree and yes, if I could go back in time and demand a better curriculum....