Monday, December 5, 2016

Andy Warhol - The Complete Picture

I waited awhile to share this one because it's so long. I figure the weather is more suitable to sit inside and watch a three hour movie about Andy Warhol. 
Warhol's work is pretty controversial and he opened the door for a lot of the artists on the scene today.  If it makes you angry that he took an everyday object, like a box of brillo pads, and turned it into a work of art I think that was the point. 
What I enjoy most about Warhol is that he was a worker. He was always doing something, always working and trying things. 
A lot of his more famous works will make people question whether or not he was a "real artist" or just someone who copied stuff and made it look like art, but I doubt anyone could disagree that he was a visionary. Sometimes I wonder though, would his work be as popular if he was just a regular guy?  It's rare that I look at a Warhol and don't envision the white hair and soft spoken man alongside it. If I knew nothing about Warhol would I look at his work the same way?  If you knew nothing about Warhol and saw his screen print of a can of soup would you consider it a piece or art or just an advertisement for your next meal? 

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