Monday, December 26, 2016

Leonardo da Vinci: "The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything"

The movie for this Monday. I don't know if it's the mood I'm in or if this truly is just hilarious. It's not so much about Leonardo as an artist but as a genius and all he contributed. He really was a thinker and I think what set him apart from just an ordinary "idea man" was that he was able to articulate better than most. He drew sketches and wrote down his thoughts which made his ideas more clear.
What I found hilarious was that hundreds of years later someone thought it would be a good idea, fun even, to try and build his ideas to see if they would really work.  Does anybody else think it would be hilarious to do the same thing now? Sad thing is now you could jokingly throw out an idea for a laugh but someone will come around and take it seriously, sell it and actually make money on it. Can you say Ab-Hancer


  1. Ha! Can you say Facebook or Twitter? Looks like their boca di verite was the early non electronic version.

    1. I forgot to mention that I went to an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art a couple of years ago where they had several of his inventions that people built. Only one of them was practical and it worked very similar to that grabby hand thing we saw in the store the other day.