Thursday, January 5, 2017

Don't Worry 'Bout the Wobble

Spoon and Rubber Cement ink on paper
Lately I've been hard at work on a difficult painting .  There are a lot of elements in it that I keep telling myself not to mess up on while I paint it. It's like when your friend says, don't look now, and you always look. DUH, just don't say it. So as I was torturing myself to get this line straight, make sure this lines up with that and don't smudge that thing over there I hit a wall and had to walk away. As I stepped away from the painting I opened up my pile of notes I have for that infamous book I'm still working on. I found a note written that says," don't worry if your lines aren't straight,  A slight vibration in a line shows that there's life to it".  I don't know where this nugget of wisdom came from but it came to me at the right time.


  1. I've always liked B&W. When it's strongly graphic like this it has as much power on the wall - or more - than a color image. My favorite part on this one is the left side of the can - I can feel the edge and it's untouched paper.

    1. Yea, I'm pretty fond of B&W too. I also enjoy the edge where there's nothing there but you can still see it. My favourite part to draw was the spoon's shadow.