Monday, March 20, 2017

"The Secret of Drawing" Episode 2: "Storylines" 2005

Your show for this week, the second episode to "The Secret of Drawing" by Andrew Graham-Dixon.  I'm in love with this series and this episode is absolutely amazing at showcasing the power and effectiveness of a simple pencil and paper. At the very end Graham-Dixon makes a comment that I rather enjoyed. He mentions that satirical cartoons, comics and animation should "aim their art at the man in the street".  If you have a story to tell and you want everyone to be able to understand it then consider how you tell that story. 

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  1. Boy, this is a great series! Really sets me to thinking...the last one made me realize I was in the Romantic vein. This one surprised me. Didn't think I was so optimistic - thought I was cynical and pessimistic. Also made me realize the importance of aiming. I may be guilty of reckless discharge. Not to mention I was horrified to discover gin was the crack cocaine of 18th century England! Surprised he didn't cover Daumier in this one but it was still great.