Monday, April 17, 2017

"The Secret of Drawing" Episode 4: "Drawing by Design" 2005

The movie for this week is the fourth episode of  "The Secret of Drawing".  This one, to me, isn't as good as the previous episodes.  I don't know if it was the wonky camera angles, the interviews or just the subject matter. It seems there's a clear divide between the person who draws with a need for the drawing to actually work as opposed to one who can leave their drawing on a page and let it live there.
However it's a great way to demonstrate the practical uses of drawing.  It was also neat to see how so much of creating can be a collaborative effort. Which got me wondering about the performers at the Cirque du Soleil show. They showed a lot of behind the making of the stage but how much input did they get from the performers? They're fantastic performers but certainly have their limitations, so that would have to go into consideration when building these elaborate sets. Also, that inflatable suit is ace. Won't get you a date to the prom but still. 


  1. My favorite so far. Cindy and I will have to tell you about our Rock and Rye- porta potty adventures and Fisher's Voodoo Lounge tour sets in Ames. I think I'm a junior archigram, too. I've designed several Apocalypse proof buildings based on Quonset huts using modified grain bin components. She laughs at me but disaster proof architecture is a field of the future.

    1. I want to be a junior archigram too! Those guys were cool. I think what was off about this episode was the computer stuff. Maybe it was so new to him that he just didn't know the right questions to ask?