Monday, April 24, 2017

What Do Artists Do All Day ?

The Monday "movie" for this week is from another BBC series.  This one is called, What Do Artists Do All Day?  There are about 20 artists in the series with a half hour show dedicated to each one. I haven't watched all of them yet, but I've watched a good portion of them and so far they're all entertaining, informative and fairly interesting. Clearly it's not just one singular day where a camera crew followed around one artist. It's a composite of what they generally do on an average day.
I chose to start the series with Jack Vettriano because that's the video I stumbled on first, then learned it was a whole series.  I've seen his work before, it's very popular on social media. Lots of people post and repost his work all over the place and never seem to give proper credit because I didn't know it was his work until I watched this show. Turns out he doesn't get proper credit in real life either. There are several artists out there who are highly successful with sales yet get no recognition from the establishment. Some of them probably for good reason but there's something about Vettriano's work that I think he should be at least given a little wink and a nudge. His work may not be everyone's cuppa but it seems he should be given respect for the effort he puts into his paintings. He puts a lot of thought in and there's a story behind each one.  That's a lot more effort than some artists do.
If I posted this correctly the second half of the show should automatically begin and the rest of the series will follow.  Some of the shows have sound issues so if it seems like there's no sound just wait it out and it will come. 

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  1. This guy's only crime is appealing to the people the artsy fartsy types want to feel superior to. They say music is the universal language. Maybe failure to validate is the universal offense? I recognized his work - they have it in the framed art section at Hobby Lobby. And I distinctly remember thinking "that's pretty good - WAY better than what used to be sold in furniture stores and such". Don't know if it was a stipulation on his part but it was framed like the work in his studio/home. A lot of artists would kill to achieve that. It's honest painting. He takes universal feelings people wrestle with. The 10 commandments address adultery...can Ellsworth Kelly claim God had any comment on what he does?