Monday, July 31, 2017

1/2 Ryan Gander - The Art of Everything: The Culture Show

Your show for this week is an episode of The Culture Show. The show began in 2004 on BBC Two and covered artists, writers, music, fashion, performing arts, etc. The show lasted until 2015 so there's a huge catalog of episodes with film directors, actors, painters, sculptors and so on. At random I chose the episode featuring artist Ryan Gander. I must remember to be more like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade and choose more wisely.
While his work is not my cuppa it may be yours so keep an open mind. One thing I have to comment on was his "portraits".  He explains to Miranda Sawyer, the presenter,  that he actually destroyed all of the portraits and what you're seeing are the palettes on which the paint was mixed to make the portraits.  He wants you to look at the palettes and imagine what the portraits would look like from that.  I immediately thought, hmmm wonder how it would go if you went to a restaurant, ordered a meal and the server brought you a plate full of crumbs and told you to imagine what the food would taste like.
I walked away from this asking myself, what does this guy actually do? What does he create? From what we see in the show, he comes up with ideas and everyone else does the work. How does that work? Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta and a whole other can of worms)  admitted to doing the same thing. He hired a team of graphic designers to do all of his work for him.  What is the deal with the people who actually make the work and allow the artist to take all of the credit? We need a documentary on that!  The Wrecking Crew is a wonderful movie about studio session musicians who are actually the geniuses behind most of the pop music from the 60s on up.  They're the ones who came up with the music but the guy who fit the suit got all of the credit in the public's eye. It feels like a similar situation with these artists who put their name on something but don't put in the work. Not sure what to think about it all.
This episode is split into two parts and the second half should start right after this one, if not here's the link to part two

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