Monday, July 10, 2017

Andrew Tischler's Studio Setup - How to create an amazing art space (on a budget)

This Monday's movie is a short video from artist Andrew Tischler. It's not a feature length movie but they don't always have to be.  I was describing this video to some people last weekend and thought why not just share it for today. There's a part in this video where he explains that you need to have your studio set up so that you actually want to work in it. I laughed because I figured if your studio was such a mess it would motivate you to go outside and paint. In all honesty I have to agree with him. You should put some effort into your work space, make it so your materials are easily accessible. Just like painting outside, you need your supplies to be user friendly so that you actually use them. If you were hoping for a two hour movie this week he has several other short videos you can watch to fill up your time. 


  1. Like that wall easel. Something like that would give me another 6-8 square feet of floor space except I probably wouldn't get rid of the existing easel...interesting that so many artists I see on YouTube are working in basically darkened rooms with highly illuminated task areas.

    1. I wonder if keeping it dark has to do with their digital work? I also like the idea of the wall easel but then I'd have no wall space to hang paintings. Sadly I've yet to watch a video where someone has happy little elves that come in at night and put stuff back where it belongs. That's the video I need.