Monday, August 7, 2017

Eric Hebborn - Portrait of a Master Forger

Your movie for this Monday, Portrait of a Master Forger.  Stolen art and forgeries fascinate me to no end. Why? I have no idea because to me it's all about people wanting what they can't have or can't afford.  It's like fake handbags and other fake designer clothing. I always laugh at people who buy fake watches and handbags.  I think to myself, if you didn't buy so many fake ones you might have enough money to buy an authentic one.
I'd never heard of Eric Hebborn before stumbling on this documentary.  The way he describes his own life compared to what others have written about him, it's hard to know who's telling the truth. He is a forger after all, so is he truthful? Something about the way he presents himself in this documentary makes me question whether to believe him or not. He seems honest about his personal life but as far as his professional life, not so sure.
If you have time look him up, he has quite an interesting biography.  His death is shrouded in mystery.  Beaten over the head and left to die in the street, it's sad and fascinating all the same. Did someone want him dead so he couldn't claim any more forgeries?  Was it an angry art "expert" seeking revenge for being tricked?  Was it someone with the notion that his work would be worth more after he was dead? It's fun to speculate on a Monday. 


  1. Curious how different personalities work. If someone can draw as well as he does, in all the styles he can, why not find a subject you like, down a couple of those gin and tonics and just become whatever you turn out to be? I think he gyped himself more than anyone else.

    1. That's what I went back and forth with almost the entire time. That's why I made the comment about not knowing who to believe. Victim, not the victim, it's tough to call. Was he slightly delusional or just a really good con man? I really enjoyed how he claimed to have cured his colour blindness by unknowingly taking LSD.

    2. I wonder if it equalized his ability to judge chroma by boosting his ability to see the other colors or dampening his ability to see the one giving him trouble?